3 Reasons Why Elf Cosmetics Has Replaced High-End Brands

Save money or splurge for better quality? What about a brand that can do both? Elf has given consumers the best of both worlds and their drugstore brand replaces high-end cosmetics. Here are three reasons why Elf cosmetics has recently become very successful and prominent in the makeup industry by targeting Gen Z:

Use of Technology

Elf has shifted their marketing to Gen Z after seeing a lot of success on Tiktok which is dominated by a younger audience. They are able to successfully reach their target market by understanding how they use technology. They use hashtags and original songs for their campaigns on Tiktok in order to go viral and gain attention. Elf has been able to successfully transfer their marketing to a new platform and keep up with the constant changes in technology.

Cheaper Dupes

Elf Cosmetics is known for dupes or budget friendly alternatives. They understand what high end products are in demand and are going viral. They create alternatives for a generation who are low on money and can’t afford these high end products. Their alternatives are not only cheaper versions of the original, but also maintain their high end quality and do not sacrifice their quality for better prices.


Not only are they cheaper and good quality, but Elf products are cruelty free. Many drugstore brands are known for their bad ingredients. However, Elf is able to maintain lower prices with good ingredients that are vegan, cruelty free and are acne safe. This is important to consumers, especially Gen Z who are becoming more aware of how their products are made and care about sustainability and their environment. 

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