Who We Are


My name is Abby Fennelly and I am studying the world of marketing and sociology at Drew University, planning to graduate in May of 2024.

Brand Story

AHA Moment

I have become interested in why we buy and the changings in trends as a consumer of Gen Z during my courses at Drew, scrolling on social media and just while shopping in my day to day life.

I have also always been captivated by the world of beauty. I hope to attend cosmetology school after my time at Drew and learn more about hair and makeup. This website combines my two interests, marketing and cosmetology and my curiosity of the constantly changing beauty industry. This is a place where I can share my opinions, insider knowledge as a consumer of beauty in Gen Z, and capture trends in a fun way.

I hope to inspire other students to create a creative outlet in which they can share their passions with others!

During my marketing capstone class I decided to study and analyze how Elf Cosmetics was becoming so popular and greatly increasing profits in a short period of time. I discovered how their brand strategies to market to Gen Z  allowed them to be successful.

It was at this moment I learned that I can combine my two interests, beauty and marketing and my outlook as a Gen Z consumer to write about major brands in the beauty industry and how to keep up with these changes in order to be successful like Elf Cosmetics.


Who I Serve

I strive to empower others to go out of their comfort zone and question why certain brands are starting to prosper, to learn more about the methods to target certain demographics like Gen Z or just to discover new brands or trends they want to try for themselves.

I want to keep my blog honest and tell my own personal truth about my experiences with these brands and how they are impacting the beauty world.

I want others who are uneducated about this world to progress in their knowledge and further understand what we want as consumers in a world that is constantly changing and advancing.

I serve those interested in learning more about the beauty industry. Whether they want to further understand certain trends, the marketplace, Gen Z as consumers, how to keep up in a digital age with constantly changing platforms, or just advice for beauty products to buy on their next shopping trip they will be able to find an article on my blog that excites them and helps them further their knowledge. 

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